Sunday, December 09, 2007

Drink Driving with Burnout Revenge - A PSA Thing.

I tried making an Amarula and milk concoction just the other day, and ended up mixing a large batch. So while intoxicated from drinking all that stuff, I decided to play Burnout: Revenge.

How is it playing a driving game like Burnout: Revenge drunk? While one of the strategies in a race is to pass as close as possible to on-coming traffic to gain boost, you'll start ramming them head-on and crashing your (virtual) car. You'll miss turns, get pwned and taken down by, in normal circumstances, not very smart opponent AI.

Now, the same thing happens when you are drink driving in real life. Your reflexes slow down and you might even fall asleep on the wheel. Yes, you might get pwned by oncoming traffic, or drive into a tree. All of which adds up to you putting your life, and the lives of pedestrians and motorists that you come across in your drunken state, in danger.

So don't drink and drive, don't even drink and play video games less you want to be pwned or be unable to top your previous highscore. This public service announcement is brought to you by Amarula (just kidding) and Nine Over Ten 9/10.

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