Monday, December 17, 2007

Do I Want A Stuffed Polar Bear?

After playing the Golden Compass game on the Nintendo DS, I really would like to have a. A stuffed polar bear, b. Tickets to the movie! Why? Read on.

I have not read any of Philip Pullman's books, especially his best selling "His Dark Materials" trilogy of books. I only read about him in a Time magazine article just recently. A pretty controversial chap who penned an equally controversial trilogy of books, this just makes me want to watch the movie to see what is all the fuss about.

Now, going back to the game. The Nintendo DS version of the Golden Compass is a pseudo-3D platformer of sorts, and after playing 2 levels, the entire experience can be summed up as "boring". The protagonist, Lyra, yawns alot when being idle, a metaphor to what the player might be experiencing through a largely unassuming, uninspired game.

Even some parts of the levels seem to be rehashes, prompting the player to think, "Have I been here before?" or "Is this a loop?"

I can't help but feel disappointed for another poor movie tie-in of a game and the only things that can make up for this have been stated in the first paragraph. A. A stuffed polar bear, because the one in the game looked really fugly with washed out textures. B. Movie tickets to the Golden Compass!