Friday, December 28, 2007

1/60 Scale Gradius Vic Viper Model Kit On Sale Now!

I've blogged about this previously when it was first announced, but now, the Gradius Vic Viper model kit is available for sale online!

This 1/60 scale model, measuring approximately 200 mm in length comes with several "options" (Gradius fans will known what's that) and has several extras too.

Here's a write up from the online retailer Play-Asia about this model kit:

Vic Viper, the classic fighter ship from the Gradius series has made it far since its first launch in 1985:

Besides starring in numerous Gradius video games, the Viper became a guest star in several other game franchises and anime series

One of the recent appearances has been the 2006/2007 TV-anime series "Skygirls
Set in 2084, the hope of the mankind lies on a new fighter, a secret military development. Vic Viper, equipped with laser-plasma guns and the fastest engine ever used in a space fighter.

Three times, the Vic Viper appears in Skygirls: in Episode 7, when the prototype is charging the sky for the maiden flight; in Episode 14, when the ship is involved in the first battle against a worm; and in episode 21, when a whole squadron joins the attack against a special enemy

This 1/60 scale model-kit is based on illustrations by Akitaka Mika, well-known for his skilled work in many series and games such as Gundam and Galaxy Fraulein Yuna.

With several option parts this model is a true collector's item and must have for all Gradius and Skygirl fans.

For purchase details, click here. Alternatively, consider the smaller, but no less detailed (for its size), Shooting Game Historica Figure Gashapon Collection which features the Vic Viper as well.