Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Where To Buy A Nintendo Wii for Christmas?

One of the most wanted items as a stocking stuffer this season is the Nintendo Wii and as Christmas draws near, stocks are bound to thin due to the mad rush for this popular games console. So if you are giving a Wii or two as a gift, start stocking up early.

So where do you get a Wii? You can try the normal brick and mortar stores or go online. Ebay is an obvious candidate, but I also recommend Play-Asia as well. It's the site where I often purchase my Nintendo DS games.

The Nintendo Wii (which includes Wii Sports) is going for USD 399 at Play-Asia, not inclusive of the shipping fee (click here for details). But regardless of whether you are buying from PA or Ebay, be sure to get the Wii early to avoid disappointment from the lack of stock, or delays in shipping.