Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tips on Purchasing Gashapon Online and the Nintendo Wii Keychains Collection

It's been a while since I've covered Gashapon (capsule toys) or even Candy Toys with the Super Mario Bros. Chocolate Egg collection being the most recent purchase.

No matter, Yujin has recently released a set of Nintendo Wii Keychains collection, featuring either the console, or the Wii-mote, each attached to a miniaturized game box featuring the following games:

  • Excite Truck
  • Fire Emblem
  • Paper Mario
  • Wii Sports
  • Wario
  • Zelda
These are now available on Play-Asia. Many have asked that since Play-Asia ships gashapons based on random selection (meaning you don't always get what you want from a particular collection), how do I obtain full sets?

The secret is to order the maximum number of gashapons within a certain collection.
Since there are six items inside the Nintendo Wii Collection Keychain collection, place the quantity ordered as 6, and you should be able to get an entire set, with no randoms.

This works for me every time, only failing once, but that particular collection had many items, so it was possible that some where sold out.

Combine this technique with free shipping from Play-Asia and I basically save alot of money, compared to buying from Ebay!