Thursday, November 22, 2007

Old School Gamer..Try Primary School..and Orcs & Elves

When I was in primary school, a friend of mine used to create pen-and-paper role playing games. He would create the dungeon map ala a complex version Snakes n' Ladders, with paper from his maths exercise books, and then populate it with various creatures and traps.

There were always the staple "move back X number of tiles" traps and these came not without consequences.

The characters that we used to play the game with were taken from Dragonball, and my friend would create their stats and special powers. Sowhile kids these days would be busy blasting at the rather buggy Hellgate London, I was having fun with pen-and-paper RPG at their age.

In retrospect, my friend would make for an excellent video games designer.

In any case, id Software's latest offering Orcs & Elves is reminiscent of simpler times and even the graphics play a role in conveying that. Like the games that my friend used to create, Orcs & Elves takes place in a dungeon setting and in addition to creatures you'll need to beat and traps, there are also puzzles and NPCs to interact with.

I had only a short time with the game, and it does have great potential especially with old-school RPG gamers. For those who don't like to lift a finger to use the stylus anytime a game requires you to do so for a miniscule task, you'll probably love Orcs & Elves as it is pratically button driven. Look Ma, no stylus!

Orcs & Elves is available at Play-Asia at USD 34.90 with free shipping. Click here for details.