Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nine Over Ten 9/10 Holiday Season Shopping Guide for Nintendo Wii Owners

Welcome to Nine Over Ten 9/10's 2007 Shopping Guide for the Holiday Season. Looking for a gift for your gamer friend, or someone who is into Japanese anime figurines and collectibles? You just about came to the right place.

Now, if your friend has a Nintendo Wii, he would be like those Playstation 3 guys, complaining about the lack of games, and also the rather expensive price tags of current games. No matter, he should be happy this holiday season as you would be the one buying, not him.

So what should be on your shopping list? Here you go:

  • Wii Zapper with Link's Crossbow Training - Nothing better than a whole new way of playing with the Nintendo Wii (as if it doesn't have enough options as it is) with the Wii Zapper. Click here for details.

  • Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle - Bring down the house with the latest in the Guitar Hero franchise, now available on the Nintendo Wii. Comes with a wireless Guitar Hero Les Paul Guitar Controller. Click here for details.

  • Super Mario Galaxy - Mario is back in what maybe the best and prettiest Mario game yet. Click here for details.

  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - Plunge into one of the best First Person Shooter experience on the Nintendo Wii in the role of Samus Aran with her suit, and her nifty morph ball mode. This is the latest installment of a franchise nearly as old as Nintendo's involvement in home consoles. Click here for details.

  • Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition - Some people I know bought a Gamecube just so they can play the Gamecube version of Resident Evil 4 when it first came out. With its pedigree as a systems mover, RE4 gets its very own Wii Edition with controls featuring the Wiimote and Nunchuk. Click here for details.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Mario, Zelda and Metroid games form a bastion of old school franchises that have become hits in this current generation of video game consoles. A classic and a must have in its own right, click here for purchase details.

  • Mario Party 8 - What's a Wii without a party game or two? Fill in the blanks with the latest edition of Mario Party! Click here for details.
Tired of games? Give your Nintendo Wii-owning friend of yours some accessories!

Another great gift idea would be guide books: