Sunday, November 25, 2007

The New Jusco Bukit Tinggi, And It Has Doughnuts

I can't believe how disgusting and filthy some Malaysian kids can be. That was the impression I got while waiting in line at Big Apple Donuts & Coffee at the newly opened Jusco Bukit Tinggi, Klang. Most of us in line were having a gala of a time watching the workers making doughnuts, courtesy of the glass wall separating us from the kitchen.

There was this kid who propped a chair next to the glass wall and stood on the chair, leaning on the glass wall to get a better view. He gave out a loud cough at the glass wall, proceeded to wipe his hands on the same wall before commenting to his dad on whether the workers had clean hands when handling the dough! And then there were a couple more coughs.

He didn't look sick or anything, just making that loud, annoying coughing sound, probably to annoy the workers at the other side of the wall.

Then there was this other kid who seem to like coughing at the doughnuts in the display area where you indicate to the server on the doughnuts you want. It was really a gross sight, I mean where do these kids come from? There was a chest high glass barrier in place but I avoided picking out the doughnuts he was coughing at. Filthy little buggers really freaked me out.

More about the doughnuts. I heard a rumour, that the Bananarama is a must have. Hehe..that sentence does have some significance. For you children of the 80s, you might remember that "I Heard A Rumour" is a hit song by the all-girl group Bananarama. I like doughnuts with green tea on 'em but the Big Apple version looses out to that of J.CO. Whatever you do, just get the Bananarama.

I bought a dozen doughnuts, and had about 5 of them, none of them memorable except for the Bananarama.

Jusco Bukit Tinggi, otherwise known as AEON Bukit Tinggi (I prefer calling it Jusco Bukit Tinggi), is the second Jusco in Klang, with the first one being Jusco Bukit Raja. This new Jusco is in a word, HUGE. Big. Nice. I like it.

It pwns Jusco Bukit Raja and just about every other shopping center/hypermarket in Klang all the way till Sunway, with the exception of Sunway Pyramid of course, having made it my base camp for 3 days for a certain ICT competition.

There's Harvey Norman, a video games shop, lots of eateries, a big Padini store like the one in Ikano, a very nice Jusco supermarket like the one in MV or's like KL shopping lifestyle finally coming to Klang. Woo Hoo!

Here are some tips on how to get there. If you are coming from Klang via the Hospital route, you are basically gonna get screwed taking this direct approach with the traffic jam and all. My advice would be to exit at the Tesco intersection into Bukit Tinggi and take the inner road to Jusco.

An even better alternative would be to come from Banting/Kesas as this will give you direct access to the underground parking which is both bountiful AND underutilised. There are so many parking bays underground. Pity those idiots who parked outside by the roadside, causing traffic jams and walked under the hot sun. LOL. If you are one of them, cheers to your new tan..sucker :P