Thursday, November 29, 2007

From Hello Kitty Plush Toys to Metal Gear Solid Kubricks - Holiday Gifts for everyone

Fancy a Hello Kitty plush toy? With the holiday season coming up, Play-Asia has on sale the Hello Kitty Christmas Plush Doll collection. Featuring 6 different designs, these plush dolls produced by Sega measure 18 cm in height. To get all of 'em or just one, click here for details.

Aside from the Hello Kitty Christmas Plush Doll, Sega has also introduced Sonic the Hedgehog plush toys, featuring Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles. Click on the links for further details.

Moving on from plush toys to gashapon, good news for Mario fans as the Super Mario Bros Chocolate Egg collection is back in stock. For pictures of my own collection, click here.

There's also the new Nintendo DS Super Mario Bros. Game Card Case Gashapon collection from Yujin. This collection features 7 different game card cases with different colours and characters on the cover. Click here for purchase details.

To round up the gashapon section, here's something that Zelda fans wouldn't want to miss, the Nintendo DS Character Touch Pen: The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Version Gashapon collection.

What a mouthful and this collections consists of 7 touch pens. I've got Character Touch Pens from the Super Mario collection and they are pretty nice, no reason for this new collection to be less nice. :) Click here for purchase details

Anyways, I just ordered a bunch of Metal Gear Solid 20th Anniversary Kubricks. I placed my order quantity as 5 at Play-Asia, so hopefully I'll get a full set. The MGS Kubricks consist of Snake and Grey Fox (MGS), Naked Snake (MGS 3), Snake and Robot Ninja Raiden (MGS 4). They are a bit expensive, at USD 7.90 each (with free shipping), but I think it's worth the price as collectables. Click here for details.