Monday, November 26, 2007

Advertlets - More than a month on

Is it me or have you noticed that your Advertlets earnings have become rather anemic in recent times and their server is getting a little slow.

I've started using Advertlets, after dropping Nuffnang around in October and I must say that the initial amount of money coming in was really impressive. A month plus later, the flow has become a trickle, and now I'm even got 5 cents a day compared to the more than RM 1 rate that I enjoyed. Is this because of the Ad Display System Upgrade?

Anyways, I really like Nuffnang's new interface. It looks so yummy that if it was made out of chocolate, I couldn't help but to take a bite. If it weren't for the constant blue man and CPC ads that are irrelevant to my readers, I would put Nuffnang back immediately. I don't have much traffic, around 180 hits a day, but I do have good PR (4), can gimme some nice campaigns?

Do you know what Advertlet's "blue man" is? It's that kid holding up the envelope with cash (it's a cartoon drawing) with the tag line, It's time to earn more with your blog. I seriously cringe everytime that ad becomes the primary ad of the day on my blog, meaning the ad is there most of the time I visit my blog in a particular day. It's like an indicator that I'm gonna get 20 cents..again.

Anyways, there's still no Captcha on both local ad-providers. I know of one friend who had a blast spamming the registration process of both providers. Don't look at me, I don't know PHP. For Nuffnang, it's a bit of a bummer as they could have gone a little further putting in Captcha (how hard can that be) with their new yummy interface.

Sure, developers from both sides can argue that users have to go through a verification process, but you still have to put the user data somewhere, for a certain period of time. In the case of Nuffnang, it's 7 days. 7 days is more than enough for a determined spammer to fill your database (and your transaction log) with junk.

Definately got room for improvement for these two ad-providers and it's nice to see upgrades. By the way, I like innit. That's a nice touch.