Sunday, October 07, 2007

Two Movies

I had the good fortune of catching two movies at the cinemas over the weekend. The first movie was the excellent The Bourne Ultimatum. Jason Bourne may be a poor man's James Bond, but the latter would certainly trade in his Aston Martin, and then some, for the stuff Bourne can do.

Paying ultimate tribute to the contribution of the Bourne movies to the spy genre, the latest Bond film, Casino Royale was an attempt to colour, with minimal success, James Bond in the same dye as Jason Bourne.

In any case, Ultimatum brings Jason back to where it all started for him as a government-trained black-ops operative. Be prepared for some twists (and turns and a very brutal fist fight) and even though flashback sequences are used to drive the story, you'll need to wait till the very end to piece the puzzle that is Jason Bourne.

I have a tip for fans of the movie: Try not to pick up the book as the books and movies have already diverged since the first movie. So unless you are prepared for an entirely different story and a wee bit of a headache, don't go for the books.

While Ultimatum didn't disappoint, Resident Evil Extinction sucked. I don't even want to attached the label "Summer Pop Corn Fare" to a schizophrenic film that relies on cheap shocks, undeveloped characters, a seemingly nonsense plot and a setting as far removed from the video games.

So do give Resident Evil Extinction a skip.