Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Of PowerBar Gels, Kenny Sia and Lou Ferrigno

I have half a mind not to consume anymore Double Latte flavoured PowerBar Gels during a race. These things are quite hard to swallow and if there's no water around (like the Subang Jaya 10KM run)..actually, you don't wanna get in that kind of stupid situation..just don't take that stuff.

But then there's the Green Apple flavoured PowerBar Gels. These taste great, but they are a little lacking on the caffeine side..just 25mg. But still yummy. Just don't leave an open pack in your pocket while running (forget about your best intentions not to be a litter-bug), green slime + sweat makes for a rather sticky pocket. Yuck.

On my desk now seats a packet of Vanilla flavoured PowerBar Gel. I bought this in a pinch but having restocked on other flavours I haven't got the opportunity to "savour" this during a race. I bet it tastes horrible..vanilla only deserves to be a flavour of ice-cream and Marigold HL milk.

Last but not least, my all time favourite, Tangerine flavoured PowerBar Gels. I nearly cleared out a local Guardian pharmacy's supply of this stuff because it's so hard to find sometimes. Even the GNC at Sungai Wang doesn't stock 'em. I count one, two, three packets lying around my table, there's probably more in my bag.

On a side note, I was browsing Kenny Sia's website (I like his blog, at least he doesn't look emo all the time like some Malaysian popular bloggers do) when I saw this picture* of him:

I've one Adidas shirt that looks exactly like that and I've been wearing it for all of my recent runs and for badminton as well...but I don't look like a bak chang (Chinese rice dumpling wrapped TIGHTLY in bamboo leaves) when I put on that shirt. Hehe. He reminds me of Lou Ferrigno.

*Picture credit: Kennysia.com