Saturday, September 15, 2007

Revoltech Number 34: VF-1J

What a coincidence, it is Mech Week over here on Nine Over Ten and Kaiyodo has just released a new Revoltech figurine which will surely capture the eye of any self-respecting mecha/Robotech/Macross fan. I give you the Revoltech VF-1J (Veritech Fighter/Variable Fighter) in Battroid (Battloid) form.

Number 34 in the Revoltech series, the VF-1J is abit different from the other Revoltech figurines that I have, namely Megatron and Optimus Prime. It's less bulky but not as fragile/soft (read lame) as the Revoltech Eva-02 (Number 27). It makes quite a decent poser, with the trademark articulation of the series.

The inclusion of the fast pack and other extras like leg armour and munitions may be a nice touch to some, but I don't like them. I'm more of a Robotech fan... I prefer my Veritech fighter to have its plain jane look. I've got only one picture now, but stay tuned for another showcase round in the near future.

On purchase details, this is available at all XL-Shop outlets. If you don't see one on the shelf, do ask the sales assistant, they probably have a box full of this stuff lying around...somewhere.