Sunday, September 16, 2007

Colin McRae is Dead. RIP

Half Mast today. My all-time favourite rally driver Colin McRae passed away today in a helicopter crash that also claimed the life of his son Johnny, and two others.

Rally is one of the more popular motorsports with the people in my household, even more so than F1 and Colin might have played a part in that. The phrase "Why are you driving like a Rothmans rally car driver?" is often uttered when anyone of us (particularly me) start going crazy on the road, in reference to the Subaru rally car of old with the Rothmans livery on it.

Colin Mcrae will always be remembered as a rally legend. He was World Champion back in '95, and probably will live on in memory as one of the more exciting drivers in the WRC. Sebastian Loeb doesn't count... he doesn't trash his car as much as Colin does.

He will also be remembered for the string of video games bearing his name. Made by UK-based Codemasters, the Colin McRae titles have always been a favourite of mine. The latest game would be Colin McRae: DIRT, I haven't got the opportunity to try this out, due to the lack of a next-gen console.

R.I.P Colin, there'll be no other like you.

Epilogue: It's been a tough week for motorsports, especially for McLaren Mercedes supporters with the DQ from the F1 Constructors Championship, and now this.