Saturday, August 04, 2007

Adv. Car Stealing: Breaking Open A Perodua Car With Nothing but a Ruler

Several nights ago, I managed to disassemble an LCD TV and put it back into its original box with only candle light and an allen key for company, no thanks to TNB. I managed to top that feat today, by locking myself out of my own car with the key being inside the boot!

One of the mak ciks working in the offices nearby gave me a crash course on how to unlock a Perodua car with a metal ruler (she claims the technique works for every Perodua model). And soon enough I was on my way home, but with the nagging thought that Perodua cars are really easy to break in to. All the more reason not to leave valuable stuff inside the car.

I probably have to remove stuff like the bowling ball, the badminton racquet... and my shoes from the car. LOL. Wait, those are probably more valuable to me, than to anyone else.

On to other things, are you ready to rock this Sunday at the Adidas King of the Road run? If so, give a shout-out on my chatbox or comments area!