Saturday, July 14, 2007

You Have Very Nice Veins

Part 1:

"Fill this up"
"But I did this earlier."
"When I was registered just now...I don't think I can now"
"When was that?"
"An hour ago"
"An hour? Can-lah...go fill it up"

Part 2:

"You have very nice veins"
"I know and you know what, I hate needles"
"I was about to ask you that. I hate them too, but I've to go through this every 3 months"
"It's an appraisal thing"
"This gonna hurt? I don't go hospitals I don't know"
"Ant bite"
"Clench and unclench"
"That wasn't so bad after all"

Part 3:

"She said I have nice veins"
"Of course la, badminton player.. even I also miss nice veins, we bloodsuckers"

Part 4:

"What's this tablet for?"
"It's for the pain"
"But I'm not in pain.."

Part 5:

"You know what, I'm probably the only non-sick person warded here"
"Do you want me to come over with a fruit basket?"
"What for? I'm not sick"
"So you can watch me eat"
"I'm not sick! Don't come!"

Part 6:

*reaches for a strange instrument...
*brain: biopsy?!
Checks ear

*reaches for even stranger looking instrument
*brain: biopsy?!
Checks nose, both nostrils

*reaches for a metal tongue press and an instrument with a mirror
*brain: biopsy?!?...don't be nuts
Checks mouth/throat.

Part 7:

"Nak makan apa untuk sarapan?"
"Ada apa untuk makan?"
"Nasi lemak, bihun goreng"..."chicken chop, sphagetti"
"Eh?...ada ke?"
"Takde la"..."Takde? Kantin bungkusla.."
"...nasi lemak...milo panas satu"

Part 8:

"Bang, ni GameBoy ke?"
"Oh..yang ni...canggih sikit"

A small boy was left his own devices as his dad was sleeping in the ward and his mum had left for work. Knowing how boring a hospital stay can get (even for a visitor), I let him play with the DS, while I went about my own business.

Suffice to say the DS was the babysitter (and quite an effective one at that) the entire morning; the most I did was change cartridges, and showed him how to get around a level or two of Castlevania. And he referred to NSMB as "game lompat-lompat". Hehe.