Saturday, July 21, 2007

Twice the Magical Fun

I'm just about two thirds through the latest Harry Potter book. Having bought mine over at Borders and wanting to see the effects of the boycott myself, I visited the MPH outlet over at 1 Utama. Nary a Harry Potter promotional material or the book were in sight, save for those at the back of the counter.

Those books were meant to fulfill pre-orders made earlier this year and the paper bags containing them do look mighty nice. And there were quite a number of them uncollected.

Aside from the "magical" new addition to my bookshelf (I'm pretty sure Potter fans would describe the book with that adjective), another magical item arrived today in the form of Magic Taizen (USD 12.90 @ Play-Asia). I'm not sure what to make of this game for the Nintendo DS, since it is entirely in Japanese. However, leaving the game aside, Magic Taizen comes in an oversized box (like Electroplankton) which contains a deck of cards!

Now, what better collectible than a deck of Nintendo playing cards? They look just the same as any other deck, but guess what's the Ace of Spades?