Wednesday, July 25, 2007

State of The Mario Kart

My fellow MKDS fans,

Things are progressing a little faster than expected with Mario Kart DS. As some of you might have read, my entire save file went ga-ga and somehow managed to reset itself. Therefore I'm playing the entire game again to at least have a decent chance when it comes to online/local WiFi matches.

I've finished the 50cc class with 4 3-stars and 4 2-stars, I'm certain that some of you (the other Jason of not the Smash variety and Cooking Oil Boy) would be laughing and sniggering but OI, thats the best I can do so far :P. Thats just left the 100cc and 150cc class and unlocking the mirror mode...again.

We, I mean I, since you guys are not in the same predicament as me, shall prevail!!

Thank you. Thank you very much.