Saturday, July 07, 2007

Siemens Run 2007

I'm participating in the Siemens Run 2007 this coming Sunday. Looking at the map, it looks like the route I walked for the Malay Mail Big Walk, with the exception that it is inverted. Here's my checklist:
  • Siemens Run T-Shirt - Checked
  • Bip Number - Checked
  • Receipt and Report Slip - Checked
  • Power Gel - Don't forget to buy at the pharmacy tomorrow
  • Orudis Gel - Indispensable, and not edible - Checked
  • Adidas Running Shoes - Checked
  • Phone Strap - Not necessary but nice to have, running with a lighter pocket is nice - Will look for it tomorrow
This Run should be quite interesting, as it is has a pretty hilly route. And Reshmonu will be performing post-race! Nice.