Thursday, July 12, 2007

Of Traffic Jams and Frappuccino

It was worth the U-Turn and the traffic jam. I was heading back to the NKVE, having passed by the Curve and 1-U when I decided turn back into Damansara Uptown. I had a long but productive day at the client's office and I only had one thing in mind as a reward to myself, Starbucks' Azuki Frappuccino.. venti please, and to go. Thank you!

The Uptown outlet was the only place I could think off that I can stop by without needing to park inside a shopping centre parking lot.

The word Azuki refers to "red bean" or in Mandarin "hongdou" or as the Hokkiens say it "angtau". And yes, the Frappuccino will remind you of red bean soup, moon cakes, red bean paste and the quintessential snack on a hot day: red bean ice cream (or aiskrim potong).

Come to think of it, I could have been a nuisance to other commuters on the road, like in the following scenario:

*winds down window and waves at the driver in a nearby car on the LDP*
"Hey, you feeling frustated sitting in this jam...slow moving eh?
Look at me...I'm enjoying my venti Azuki Frappuccino..mmmmmmm"