Sunday, July 15, 2007

Michael Bay Bad? Try Transformers...Animated

Old-school hardcore Transformers fans, who had a hard time accepting the Michael Bay sacrilegious version of all things holy to them, would probably read the following...and shudder. From the director of Teen Titans, comes what else but a new Transformers animated series aptly named.. Transformers Animated.

So, have you recovered from the oh-so-creative-uber-geeky title of the series, here's another bomb for you. Think superheroes, and now think ROBOTS with SUPERPOWERS. Here's an excerpt from the interview on IGN TV (read all about it here):

IGN TV: So I understand all of the Transformers will have some sort of super power, kind of making them a superhero team?

Youngberg: Yes. They are mechanical, so the powers are all mechanically based. They are powers nonetheless, so it does bring them into more of a superheroic role, but it doesn't feel like fantasy or magic - it feels like the Transformers.

Come on, how is that Optimus Prime needs to be "superheroic"? He is OPTIMUS PRIME!

Not suprised? Now, for the pièce de résistance:

I don't dislike the director, heck, Teen Titans is probably one of the best shows on Cartoon Network (I love Cartoon Network), but Transformers Animated? *rummages for reruns of Beast Wars.