Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mario Kart Racing? Relax Dulu Bang..

I found out today that my game data on my Mario Kart DS cartridge was missing. I don't know how that happened and normally this would be considered a disaster for most Mario Kart DS fanatics (omg! my race times! my records! my triple star achiements!...the sheer horror of it all).

However, since I'm not one, the prospect of re-doing everything again seems to be a very challenging and exciting one. Besides, I'll get to practice a lot. Now, the only problem is time. This is gonna take a long while.

"What?!" you exclaim. Let me introduce to you the obscure category of "easy going gamer", gamers who are an epitome of Malaysian values of the "Tidak apa, lepak dulu...relak la" other words, have a complete lack of urgency. Gamers under this category don't usually blitz through games, even if they do the difficulty setting must be set at easy...or something milder.

If they get stuck at a particular level, the game is left alone for a while (for hours, days, weeks and sometimes even months) before another attempt is made. It took me almost an entire year to unlock the mirror mode in Mario Kart DS.

Procrastination aside (there's totally no excuse for that, but whattodo), the good thing about this category of gamers, they are not affected much by the release of new games, and probably have their heads screwed on properly when it comes to purchases. The last part of the previous sentence doesn't apply to "easy going gamers" who solely depend on flashcarts or R4 but even then they'll probably get someone to download ROMs for them.

So cheers to you July 2008! If there's anyone to blame for this...blame the plumber racing on a lawnmower. The fat chap is too slow.