Friday, July 13, 2007

How to Cheat Using the R4DS - A Guide

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The latest
R4DS kernel (v 1.10) comes with a built-in ability that allow users to cheat at games! Some call it Action Replay, others call it the golden finger. But no matter, here's a guide on how to cheat on your Nintendo DS with an R4!

First, the cheat data is located inside the _system_ folder in a file called CHEAT.dat. It is not necessary to use this as it is not constantly updated with cheats for the latest games. So remove this file and replace it with the USRcheat file which can be found constantly updated in this forum thread: The file name is called usrcheat.dat and you'll just need to place it inside the _system_ folder.

*Note: Since the forum has conked out, you might need to search for the urscheat.dat file using Google. One forum I found that hosts a rather recent version of urscheat.dat is

Once this is done, boot up your R4DS and select a game, for example New Super Mario Bros. The bottom screen will show the game details along with a button to cheat. If you see two cheat buttons, follow my first step described earlier. Click on the cheat button and you'll see on the top screen, a whole list of cheats and at the bottom screen, a whole bunch of buttons.

In order for you to be able to select and enable the cheats, do make sure that the bottom screen looks like the following screen shot before choosing the cheats you want to use.
Once done selecting your cheats, click on the Save & exit button and start the game!

Here are some of my observations and warnings:
  • I started of my research using Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. The cheats didn't work on the game, making me conclude that the cheat function was faulty on this game.
  • Which led me to use a New Super Mario Bros ROM, and it works.
  • The cheat UI sucks, the two check boxes must be checked, and the status shows as "Game DISABLE and "Cheat DISABLE". What gives, R4?
  • Don't select too many cheats. I managed to corrupt a couple of save files doing so.
  • Cheating apparently doesn't work on WiFi games (read it in the forum)