Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Guide to...Cheap Video Game Guide Books..pun intended

Last week I was checking out Play-Asia's website at the very last hour of its Summer Smoothie Sale and I found out that the site stocks quite a number of cheap video game guide books. I don't need one, but it was worth looking around, after all, it was a sale and you'll never know when you'll find something you like.

Now that the sale is over, here's a more objective comparison between online retailers regarding guide books. Case in point: BradyGames' Gears of War Signature Series Guide. And the online retailers in this comparison are the Internet juggernaut known as, Malaysia's very own and Hong Kong's
The guide book retails for USD 10.82, down from its original price of USD 19.99. (click here)
Shipping to Malaysia via Standard International Shipping (avg 10-16 days) is at USD 11.98.
Total price: USD 22.80

Special note: If you are buying from, it will be a whopping 17.07 pound sterling (inclusive of shipping to Malaysia).
The guide book retails for RM 77.36 (~USD 22.75), a 10 % discount from its original price of RM 85.96 (~USD 25.28) (click here)
Shipping charges is at RM 7.50 (~USD 2.20)
Total price: RM 84.86 (USD 24.95)
The guide book retails for USD 14.90 (click here)
Shipping charges using Economy Air Box (5-10 days) is at NIL.
Total price: USD 14.90

It's pretty clear that Play-Asia has the best price among the three, but what's cheap for me, may not be cheap for you, especially if you are living in the States, where Amazon has some pretty good deals on shipping. Check out the rest of what Play-Asia has to offer

Since the sale is over, did you get anything? I got Magic Taizen for around RM 35, a very nice bargain indeed. And speaking of Magic Taizen, it will be released in English come this November as Nintendo Magic. Read all about it here.