Thursday, July 26, 2007

Grand Theft America, Gotta Love the Title

I received my copy of the trade paperback Ultimates 2, Volume 2: Grand Theft America a couple days ago from Acmamall. It didn't disappoint and now my collection of Ultimates 1 and 2 TPBs is finally complete. Turns out that the publisher used the cover of issue #13 as the TPB cover and the main highlight is the multiple page spread of the Ultimates versus Loki's gang of mythical horrors, this was presented in foldable pages in order not to break up the action.

With Ultimates 2 ending its stint in May 2007, the same can be said for the writer Mark Millar and artist Bryan Hitch. The both of them have delivered in the Ultimates, a "re-imagining" of the Avengers that is closer to real life both in art, and in the storylines written. But this pair were also responsible for the series' irregular schedule, imagine a total of 26 issues since its conception in March 2002 to the finale of Ultimates 2 in May 2007.

To some fans, saying that the they are a patient and long-suffering bunch would be a major understatement.

With Millar and Hitch gone, Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira are to each take over the roles of writer and artist respectively for Ultimates 3, and yes it would dictate a change of writting and art direction. I have not seen any panels yet (so no comment on the writting), but judging by the art style, readers would be in for a hell of a time:
It's more manga-like than I would prefer, and it even looks like one of those X-Men books. It's that Hawkeye and why does the Scarlet Witch look like her weird Earth 616 counterpart completed with the headgear? Aside from the above preview art, the jury has not convened on Ultimates 3, so let's just wait till the end of the year for it to debut.

And before I forget, Amazon currently lists the Volume 2 TPB as not available. You poor saps are best looking for this in Barnes and Nobles (haven't said that in a longggg time) or your local bookstore. Do some walking, it's good for you.