Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Get Off Your Lazy Bum and RUN!!

I submitted a total of 8 entries today for the Adidas King of the Road 2007 Run, which is going to be held on the 5th of August at Sunway Pyramid. This must be a record of sorts (9 entries in total, including mine which was submitted last Sunday) since there were only 5 of us who went for the KL International Marathon.

The idea of running on the NPE is interesting, especially when you have to pass the Dato Harun area, with that smelly tyre factory. I'll always drive faster whenever I pass that area since the stench (omg) is strong enough to invade the cabin of my car (don't forget to hold your breath!).

Anyone of you dear readers interested in signing up for the run? It's still not too late as you can register by the 21st of July. The entry form is available