Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gashapon, Toys and Collectibles: Finally A Showcase

I decided yesterday that there was too much clutter on my desk and some of the gashapon/collectibles that I've accumulated over the past few months had to go. So after arranging them into a big empty box along with the spares I had (and discarding unnecessary boxes..they were many), I'm left with the following:

The Animal Crossing gang together with the characters from Mario Kart DS. I put almost every single article of furniture into cold storage and stuck the characters in a medium sized display case as in the picture above. I bought all these (except the display case) at Play-Asia's toy section (click here).

Here's abit of trivia, all these were made by Kaiyodo with the exception of Robocop (made by Kotobukiya). From the back row (L-R): Megatron, Optimus Prime and Robocop. The front row consists of the complete Set A of Kaiyodo's Super Dimension figures(L-R): Armored Battroid, Skull Leader Battroid, Destroid, Miriya Parino's Veritech, Skull Leader's Veritech.

Purchase details: Megatron and Optimus Prime (XL-Shop), Robocop (Comics Mart), Super Dimension figures (Ebay)

These guys are my favourites and there's no way they are going into cold-storage. These push peg or push pin...things... (I know one friend who calls them LEGO) are quite fun to assemble. If you don't know who they are, thats Bomberman on the left and Link (of Legend of Zelda fame) in all their 8-bit glory.

And if you are wondering where the header of this blog came from.. you probably have the answer by now. Bomberman is still available at Play-Asia (click here) and yes, you can use the pegs to create other stuff...they give lots of extras.

And finally, my Star Trek armada. I used to be obsessed about buying the entire Furuta Star Trek collection (which is not limited to the ones I have above). It's not until I saw the size of the figurines in the previous collection (they were huge in comparison to the current ones I have), I decided it wasn't worth it.

Back row, from left to right: Borg Cube, Kaizon Raider, USS Pasteur, USS Rio Grande, USS Enterprise. Front row, from left to right: Phoenix, Shuttlecraft Galileo, USS Grissom, USS Excelsior, Spock.

I also did a stock count as to what I have in cold storage:
  • 2 spare Animal Crossing figurines (not including 1 that was broken) and lots of furniture
  • 3 Mario Kart DS figurines (Mario, Luigi and Bowser)
  • 3 Furuta Star Trek figures: Excelsior, Borg Cube and Grissom
  • 1 Rock Lee (from Naruto) figurine
  • 1 Gundam figurine
So that's about it, my entire collection.