Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dogs Get A Sugar High Too

I attended my grand aunt's funeral yesterday evening. It was a sudden thing so I dropped eveything and went straight home right after work, in order to attend the funeral. When I got home, I was greeted by a hyperactive furball that also happens to be my dog.

J: Oi. Crazy r?
J: Why is my dog abit..errr...hyper?
Dog scampers around in the front porch like she's possesed.
M: Too much glucose....I fed her some sweets just now.
Dog nearly tags me by trying to scratch my arm and running around
J: Sugar high?! She's like a hyperactive/A.D.D American kids we watch on t.v!
J: Oi! Stop scratching me!!!!
Dog settles for a piece of paper that she promptly rips to pieces.

No more sweets for the dog. Anyways, I'm happy to read that Nicol David won her semi-final match. I might have the time to watch the finals today.