Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cables Part Deux

Working part time as a lab assistant during my college years, I used to crimp quite a number of CAT-5 cables. My team mates and I would be crimping and laying cables an entire afternoon till late evening whenever there's a full lab maintenance going on or a new lab to be set up. So naturally, I don't really like cables that are not crimped properly.

When I got back to the office last week after my long break, I chance upon a newly laid CCTV co-ax cable which was to be connected to a TV capture card. The odd thing was, it didn't have one of those shiny metal heads. And yes, I did ask loudly on what kind of an idiot will leave such shoddy work. Said idiot came back a week later to finish the job.

Talking about cables, some of you might remember that I bought a third party component cable for my PS2 (it's still in stock on Play-Asia, and it's compatible with the Playstation here for details). The good news is, it's still working fine, but the not good/not bad news is the PS2 is suffering from a lack of use.

Disappointing isn't it. And there's that Dreamcast sitting in a box in one of my office cabinets. Anyways, if you own a PS3 and an LCD TV, you are better off with a HDMI cable. Play-Asia has a variety of them for sale, ranging from the loosely pack 3rd party (here) ones to the expensive ones such as Monster (here).

I'm beginning to wonder what are the differences (aside from the price) between the two HDMI cables.