Saturday, June 09, 2007

theSun Walk Hunt at Hartamas Shopping Centre

RM 100. That was how much we won at the Walk Hunt event today in conjuction with the Neighbourhood Fun with theSun at the Hartamas Shopping Centre. Our team of 4, Happy Shopper (please don't ask about the name, it's a girl thing - we had 2 female members), took the final prize spot with the Top 20 teams getting cash prizes.

Finishing 20th out of 34 teams doesn't sound so bad, and we got moo-lah for an hour and a half of walking around a shopping centre.

The rules of the walk hunt was simple, make sure you are in the proper sector of the shopping centre, read the questions, decipher the clues in the question and write down the appropriate retail store's name on the answer column.

The funny thing was, we were supposed to write the "entire" name, so if there were a preceding phrase such as "Butik" (Boutique) or "Kedai Kasut" and a tag line following the shop's name, we were to put it all in, otherwise full points were not awarded. We could have done better in this aspect :P.

Aside from the actual walk hunt, the highlights of the entire event are the goodie bag give-away and the unveiling of answers/prize giving ceremony. The goodie bags were excellent, given that we didn't pay a single cent to participate in the Walk Hunt. There were a variety of stuff: can and packet drinks , car stickers featuring ING/Renault (bleh...McLaren Rules!), soft toys from Ikea, AmBank piggy (well..camel) banks, Chipsmore cookies, pens, badges, packets of coffee, a book about an orang utan...

The answers were unveiled Powerpoint style on a projector, with some interesting explanations from one of the organizers. It was actually a revelation! Thinking outside the box and deciphering the clues makes finding the right shop name a less ambiguous process.

And what about the prize giving ceremony? We got RM 100! Enough said :P. Actually, it's hats off to the winners, they got 38 points out of a possible 40. Imagine that.