Monday, May 28, 2007

Whence Cometh Thou?

A friend of mine asked whether the Nintendo DS game reviews on my blog were for original games or otherwise. For the record, the answer is the former. These games are all part of my personal collection of original DS games which now stand at 21, and counting.

Some of you may argue that content is key for a blog, and that I can operate on a don't tell policy, writing review after review on pirated stuff that I own/download/rip (take for example my vast collection of PS2 games and Dreamcast games). But it simply wouldn't do the developers any justice, nor do I derive any satisfaction in doing that.

Which comes to my conclusion, if you are passionate about blogging, and you run a blog similar to mine (game reviews and such), but for some reason you are writting content off pirated stuff, have the decency to be forthcoming about it. No point recommending someone to purchase a game while you got it off the 'Net.