Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sleek, Black and Sexy PSP

Curious thing, this PSP that I bought earlier today. It's kind of like the Borg, assimilating features of various multimedia devices and video games consoles into a sleek, portable, (depending what colour you get) black piece of hi-tech, oozing with a lot of sex appeal.

However, I would call the PSP a "jack-of-all-trades", because features wise, it's really is a master of none (although it does score high points for trying and for that really slick presentation). Compared to the usual suspects such as the Nintendo DS (and its repertoire of games) and the Apple iPod (with its nice integration with iTunes and excellent usability), you'll wish that the sum of the PSP's capabilities/parts/hype wouldn't be that... underwhelming.

So why buy Sony's thingamajig of a portable video games console? I'm guessing it's a matter of personal taste and in my case, I'm buying for my brother. He's a fan of the PS2, having finished a lot more games compared to this brother of his (only 1 title - SSX 3), and the idea of playing games such as GTA on the go really appeals to him. And it doesn't hurt that his favourite game, God of War, is coming to this platform, come November 2007.