Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Separating Idiots

You know how somethings people get onto your nerves, by not reading the manual and instead choose to ask you a million and one questions on say, setting up a WiFi router? The first few questions are ok, but after half an hour, you'll start wondering whether should you start charging by the minute, as it becomes bloody obvious that the answers can be found in the user manual.

I've worked both on the hardware and software sides of the I.T industry and naturally I'm a magnet for these questions both on and off the job. Think of me as a walking FAQ, from setting up network printers, configuring Active Directory, installing Sharepoint Services, coding VB.NET to even the sequence of wires in Cat 5 cabling.

I don't mind helping out, and I'm damn sure that there are many others like me, but some people do not have an inkling on helping themselves first. Suprisingly, most people that I know under this category work in the same industry as I am.

"Why bother reading the manual, while I can ask my friend?" First of all, we are not the ones sitting in front of the device/pc/piece of software and troubleshooting a problem; you are! So naturally you'll have to extricate yourself from it.
Asking intelligently plays an important role in getting answers and things done, but to babble like a village idiot you are gonna make people feel like hurting you.

Do remember that these people are volunteering their knowledge to you, and they are NOT customer service representatives.