Friday, May 25, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean. Brought to you by Nuffnang

I just got back from Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara, having attended a free screening of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End courtesy of Nuffnang/Exabytes (and thanks to Aaron for the ticket - do visit his site, he is starving for traffic).

Having never attended a gathering of bloggers prior to this, seeing so many (250) in one place was abit overwhelming, but I did get to see some familiar faces. Here are some of the typical questions normally asked during these kind of meets.

Q: Do you blog?
A: Yes I do.

Q: What's your blog address?
A: Thats nine over ten... in letters

Q: Do you read so & so's blog? -> I heard this question being asked to someone else, and I suppose the answer below would be appropriate, if I were to reply in the negative.
A: Errr. No. Am I supposed to?

No talk about work or food or other things in life, just blogs, blogs, referrals, ads, ad providers, traffic, blogs, some reference to sports and more blogs. I write about my hobbies usually, and unlike most blogs, not my personal life (or commentaries about life), so naturally I was a bit out of place :).

However, enough talk about bloggers, the main highlight of the event was the movie. I thought it was abit indulgent (maybe convulated to some) on part of the screenwriters and producers, but it was not bad. Jack Sparrow and gang are abit funnier than the previous movie, despite the darker setting and captain is nuttier than ever (you might think he is schizophrenic).

As for the rest of the movie, lets just say that things don't end up the way you think to be and with all the craziness going on-screen, you would do well having some shots of Vodka, or a bottle or two of Heineken to accentuate the effect or help you through some long talk scenes.

A word on Nuffnang, I thank you for your effort in organizing in event, but I'm seriously considering moving the Nuffnang ad to the bottom of my sidebar. Reason being it takes too long to load and at its current position, it prevents the rest of my sidebar from being loaded properly. You guys can certainly do better.