Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Consoles, Old Consoles.

Owners of modded Xbox 360s must have gone through a torrid time this past week as most of them are getting banned from the Xbox Live! online service. It's the first time Microsoft actually laid the banhammer on modded machines and the ban applies on the machine itself (now, that smarts), and not the owner's Live! account. Well, it's no Live! for you guys, so go get an unmodded Core unit for your Live! fix.

On the other hand, I added a new (well, secondhand) console to my collection. One that doesn't get banned going online, not that it needs to go online anyways, since the servers for the last remaining online game for this console were shutdown back in 2003. Enough hints? Yes, said console is a Sega Dreamcast.

The funny thing about beige or white-coloured consoles and PCs is that they tend to discolour over time, gaining a yellowish-hue combined with all the dust/dirt/fingerprint stains. My latest acquisition is no different, since it's produced circa 2000, but the owner seems to have taken care not to scratch the console. It's safe to say that it gotten old...gracefully.

As for the rest of the details on this particular console of mine, for starters it's not modded and is a US machine. The interesting part is that I can load Japanese games with the help of a bootloader CD. The entire package cost me RM 200, and it came with 3 controllers, 1 additional casing, 1 VMU, one vibration pack, A/V cables, and the seller's entire collection of games, with one original copy of PSO (now, what am I gonna do about that).