Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Megatron Has A Bat-Ass Face

If you find yourself cringing at the mug shot above, no worries, it's the movie version of Megatron. Almost everyone will feel the same way as you do. Even with a face that ugly, even a mum would find hard to love, isn't it strange that he bears a resemblance to that of Man-Bat (below), from the Batman comics, or any other bat for that matter. See for yourself:

I'll be surprised if ol' helmet head doesn't transform into a metal bat, come on, Scorponok transforms into a big metal Scorpion in the new movie.

Speaking of Batman, the "A Death in the Family" story arc is a pretty interesting one. Jason Todd a.k.a Robin dies in this one, after being beaten up AND blown up by the Joker but unlike Superman (in the Doomsday arc), the actual killers are not the writers and the artists but in actual fact, the readers.

Given that the readers were asked to participate in a telephone poll to determine the fate of Jason Todd (and thus the storyline), the majority of them chose to have him killed off. In an age whereby there were no Internet polls or forums to participate in, you can't help but admire that 10,614 readers participated, with a majority of 50.339 % voting for his demise.

Let's just hope real life doesn't come to that but in any case, the trade paperback has gained a place in my new bookshelf.