Saturday, May 19, 2007

Luxor doesn't Suxor for the PSP

Apologies for the fanboy-like title :). I've been playing Luxor: The Wrath of Set for the better part of this Saturday morning, and this title is a surprisingly good casual game for the PSP. Produced by MumboJumbo, this game presents gameplay akin to that of Sega's old Lose Your Marbles title, but in a different format. Your job: destroy lines of marbles before they reach the pyramid!

The gameplay is classic easy to play, difficult to master. The first few stages are pretty easy but you'll find that the intricate mazes will require more than just knowing where to place marbles (luck helps alot). Graphics wise, it's clean, crisp and colourful, reminisence of Metroid Prime Pinball on the NDS.

The PSP seems to be holding up rather well in terms of battery life, nevermind, scratch that. The thing is out of juice now.