Friday, May 18, 2007

Invitation By Proxy...and This is American Idol!

I'll be watching Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End on the 24th, thanks to Aaron who got the tickets from nuffnang. The previous installment left another friend of mine squeamish as we had a sushi meal before setting our eyes on Davy Jones and his raw seafood mish-mash of a crew. Suffice to say that said friend was rather quiet throughout the movie.

American Idol viewers were in for a surprise tonight, as Melinda Doolittle gets the boot. Even though it's sad to see one of the best singers this season leave, at least my favourites are in the finals, say hi to Jordin and Blake. They probably do a good job in the final and it will certainly be a tough call, I'm saying this despite being more a Blake fan (beat-box...woot!)

Footnote: I'm in the opinion that Jordin's 2nd rendition of I (Who Have Nothing), was more "hebat" compared to that of the first time. You know what would be cool? Blake performing Quincy Jones' Ai No Corrida in the finals.