Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm Back!

It's been a busy holiday week, and I finally get to sit down and blog. First of all, the visitor count has broken through 3000, since March (when the counter was installed). Secondly, a warm thank you to those who commented. A big shout out to El Maz, who took the time to comment on my post regarding the i am 8-bit exhibition even though he really didn't have to. Thanks man, I really appreciate the gesture.

El Maz, on the inclusion of Earthworm Jim in the exhibition:

"hey there, a friend of mine directed me to this site. i might be able to clear something up for you. i am the artist that painted the earthworm jim piece in the "i am 8-bit 2.007" show. anyways the title of the piece is "sixteen versus eight". the idea of the piece is to have a 16 bit character(earthworm jim) hunting a bunch of old 8-bit characters(paratroopas, bullet bills, duck hunt, etc). hope that clears up why jim was included in this piece/show."

On to other things, American Idol is probably the only thing I watch on TV these days, and did you catch Blake's performance on Wednesday? My brother and I were watching the show and at first when Blake mentioned that he was going to perform "You Give Love A Bad Name", we were really skeptical. Come on, this was to us the ultimate rock song when we were kids, and I still sing along to it whenever it comes on radio. Thank goodness his rendition was safe to say, jaw-dropping.

Compare them for yourself:

Last night was Spiderman 3's night, as I was lucky enough to get tickets for the movie. No spoilers here, but interested parties would like to know that it makes for a rather satisfying end to a trilogy.