Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Death of Superman" and Finally, The Ultimates

It's easy to relate the storyline of "The Death of Superman" graphic novel to that of a generic first person shooter, where you have a badass, no-name protagonist beating up a host of, in this case instead of zombies or alternate history Nazis, superheroes with the end-level boss being Superman. And die trying.

There you go, a summary to the "The Best-Selling Graphic Novel of All Time!" It makes for a rather entertaining read and despite the early 90s feel, the artwork is generally good and rather colourful, although I've been spoilt by artwork (and paper quality) from The Ultimates paperbacks.

Speaking of which, it is finally coming to an end. Issue 13 of Ultimates 2 is out today states-side and with that, I can look forward to the trade paperback. Thus ends a 30 month for 13 issues journey (I got that trivia from somewhere else, didn't actually start counting).