Thursday, May 10, 2007


"In their collective state, the Borg are utterly without mercy, driven on by will alone; the will to conquer. They are beyond redemption, beyond reason"

- Jean Luc Picard

Yup, you got to love them Star Trek cyborgs known as the Borg, from their contributions to pop culture with the oft-repeated line: "Resistance is Futile", and of course Jeri Ryan, not forgetting their role in making later day Trek series (especially The Next Generation and Voyager) a whole lot more interesting.

Public enemy number 1 (at least in Star Trek), also happens to be my favourite sci-fi race/faction, and having said that, I managed to successfully bid on Ebay for a Borg Cube model produced by Furuta and it arrived Tuesday afternoon.

Part of Furuta's Star Trek Federation Ships and Alien Ships Collection Volume 3: Beta, the Borg Cube is the fourth addition to my collection, which currently consists of the USS Grissom, the Excelsior and Spock, all three are from the Alpha set.