Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Back to Form: Final Fantasy III

I've been abit preoccupied with several things such as work (BSA's Software Audit... good thing we are in Microsoft's Partner Program), my figurine collection, running and books, to play/write about the latest additions to my collection of DS games: Final Fantasy III and Custom Robo Arena.

I got the both of them for a total of RM 125, and yes both are secondhand items but are in excellent condition. However, the game that intrigues me more is Final Fantasy III. Having gone through a bout of RPG allergic reaction last year with Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time (I put PIT in cold storage after passing character level 20), this title will represent a challenge to play .

My first impressions of FF III is pretty favourable. For starters, it has something that is more of a norm with PSP titles, an intro movie! And in addition to the nice soundtrack, the in-game graphics is really something to talk about. More on the gameplay next time, after I've played through a decent portion of the game.

FF3 is available on Play-Asia at USD 44.90 (click here), whereas the OST is available too, at USD 23.90 (click here)