Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nerd Speak, Gamer Talk

Altogether now, "valign="top" width="50%"". Anybody with Transitional (or even Strict) XHTML and Visual Studio 2005 experience will know why the infamous Visual Studio red squiggle appears underneath the syntax "width="50%"". Want to know why? Go find out yourself and now, back to games.

Good things come to those who wait and for those of you interested in getting Jump Ultimate Stars, well this is your chance as Play-Asia is selling it for a discounted price of USD 39.90. I suppose I would get the game, sooner or later, considering that it should be a rather enjoyable experience when coupled with a translation guide.

You would probably want the Jump Ultimate Stars Emperor's Bible (it's a guide book) as well but too bad for the most of us, it's in Japanese. It does look more like a collectible item though.

But instead of buying games, wouldn't it be great if there were stores down the street where you can rent games for a fee. Those 7-11 guys should probably consider it, as I am more than willing to walk/cycle/drive to the nearest 7-11 store, put down a one time deposit, rent a couple of games (or try 'em out on the spot for free) and then rinse, repeat.

If that sounds like a long shot, get inspired by Mr Kolo Soro of the Ivory Coast. You can read about his entreprenual exploits here. Guy really has a keen business sense and has carved a niche for himself on access to things that we usually take for granted over here in Malaysia (telephone usage, games, etc)

I'll be reviewing more homebrew games this month, assuming that I have the time to load them up on my R4. Work has caught up with me in a big way and the Nintendo DS is hardly a sight in the office these days. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to playing "A Touch of War" and "Super Mario War". War is this month's theme boys and girls.

Altogether now: "I promise I won't whine about delivery dates after choosing the "free shipping" option on Play-Asia". That goes to you, you and you.