Thursday, March 15, 2007

Transform! I Don't Think So

I dropped by the XL-Shop at Midvalley today, as they had new stock coming in for the Revoltech models. It was just my luck that they were unpacking a rather large box containing the models. I managed to get what I wanted, a Revoltech Series 019, Cybertron Commander Convoy, otherwise known as Optimus Prime.

The thing about this Revoltech series of models is that they feature robots from various anime/games, are highly poseable (due to the unique joints used) and are NOT scale models of their animated counterparts. Despite this and the fact that Revoltech's Optimus Prime can't transform, I rather like it. The model is rather detailed and the styling reminded my of Dreamwave Comics rendition of Prime in their now defunct Transformers G1 comic book series.

I have not dug out the DSLR, so dear reader, you will have to bear with a shot from my camera phone.