Monday, March 05, 2007

Tag! What's in your bag?

So here's the thing, I usually bring a sling bag (think messenger bag) to work. It's pretty decent sized but what's inside? Here's the list:

  • A couple of magazines, most of the time it's Time (no pun intended) along with FHM or PC Gamer (U.S. Edition). You can't go wrong with reading material as time-killers ( pun intended..maybe).
  • My Nintendo DS in it's protective case, with 6 games.
  • A 2GB Kingston Flash Drive, perfect for backups and what-not.
  • A 1GB Kingston MicroSD card, with a card reader. More flash memory! You can't get enough of that.
  • A pack of Kleenex tissue paper which I bought in Bangkok and it's still unopened.
  • A mechanical pencil and a Kilometrico pen, black, not-so-fine.
  • Credit card receipts
  • Cheque bank-in slip
  • My latest pay-slip
  • A small diary/book with blank pages featuring Albert Einstein on the cover, bought it in Bangkok as well. Good for scribbling stuff on.
  • Some spare change, 20 cent and 50 cent coins.
That's about it! Now, I'm tagging several lucky people to do the same as well (as in listing out the contents of their everyday bags, regardless whether it is a haversack, a laptop bag, a fanny pack, etc), these people are..:
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