Thursday, March 08, 2007

Some Assembly Required - Animal Crossing Gashapon

My order for the Animal Crossing Houses, Figures and Accessories collection arrived today and it really is a mixed bag (both literally and figuratively). Having been no stranger to purchasing gashapon collections from PA, I was suprised that this time my order came with 2 duplicate sets.

However, it wasn't really a big deal since I already have the figurines from the missing set (I got them in a previous collection) and I only missed out on some furniture items. In addition to that, one of the figurines broke clean off its base and I'm guessing it was either due to the tightly packed packaging or the long transit. A dab of super glue should fix the problem.

Taken as a complete set, this collection consists of 4 sets of figurines with their respective houses and furniture and another 2 sets consisting of a pair of figurines each and their respective furniture (no houses). Fortunately for me, the missing set was one of the sets sans house.

As usual, the figurines are made out of plastic and are as detailed as the previous collection. Since this is my first collection which has houses and furniture, I'm pleased with the quality of said items.

The houses consist of plastic parts and wooden parts (might be very hard cardboad) that require some assembly but the main thing is that they come pre-painted. Included with each house are printed cardboard pieces that function as wallpaper and carpets for the interior of the houses. You might notice some of the designs as they are featured in the Animal Crossing game as well.

Aside from the roof colour and internal wallpaper, all houses share the same features with white picket fences and cute postboxes outside. It's a shame thought that they don't feature double storey houses :P.

Like the figurines, the furniture items are made out of plastic and carry the quirky/cute look that you see in the game. Some of the more interesting furniture items include the pineapple bed, LCD TV, watermelon chair and the chair from the snowman furniture set.

Problems related to the order aside, this is a set worth buying (and taking a risk for); the addition of furniture and houses alone pretty much makes this a shoo-in for any Animal Crossing fan.

Now I leave the pictures to do the talking: