Thursday, March 29, 2007

Quake DS

I managed to get Quake DS up and running on my Nintendo DS today using my R4, and indeed it is still a work in progress. My first impressions are that the game runs rather fast but the dimensions of the DS screen makes for a dizzying experience (the rather bland/washed-out textures of Quake didn't make things any easier). I was feeling nauseous after 5 minutes of play and the experience had me wishing for Quake 2 instead as it was way prettier.

As mentioned in the developer's website at Drunken Coders, the world textures are pretty much there but the character textures are non-existant. Hopefully these will be fixed in the final release of this homebrew game. It was just weird shooting at silhouttes, try playing the game at its current state and you'll probably understand what I'm saying.

In order to get Quake DS running, you'll need several stuff from the Drunken Coders site and a copy of the PC version of Quake. The shareware version would do just fine but if you have trouble downloading it from id Software's website, you can always Google it.

Instructions are available also at the Drunken Coders' site and if you have trouble patching the NDS file in order for it to run on your R4, you can always refer to my guide over here.

There's also another Quake homebrew project for the Nintendo DS known as DSQuake. This project looks promising in particular as it will support some form of Internet multiplayer mode but as of now, Slot-1 solutions such as the R4 are not supported.