Thursday, March 08, 2007

Touch Dic...Don't Worry..It's Perfectly Safe For Work.

Sometimes good intentions end up turning into faux pas, and in the world of video games; this kind of things rarely escape attention. The developers of a Korean-English dictionary software for the Nintendo DS, decided to give the software a highly "original" title of "Touch Dic". You could imagine the collective finger pointing (and laughing), trading of puns and disbelief among savvy Internet enabled NDS users.

Here's a quote from the Korea Times (original text):

According to the company, the launching has been delayed because they had to change the product’s name that could be misheard as sexually offensive. Previously it was "Touch Dic".

The company should consider sacking their marketing/product placement teams. You can now get the software under a more politically-correct title: Touch Dictionary, from Play-Asia (here)

P/S: I realize that the tags I'm about to put on my post may attract the wrong kind of crowd but this is simply too hard not to blog about. LOL.