Saturday, March 10, 2007

Coming Attractions - Part 2

One of the games that I have high hopes for is Quake, for the Nintendo DS. Yes, you read that right, Quake. Besides having the distinction of being the first true 3D first person shooter on the PC platform (or any other platform for that matter), it brought about the 3D revolution which resulted in PC gamers everywhere having to purchase large, expensive graphics card to get their game on. Sounds more like the use of Viagra to treat impotency

Originally developed and released by id Software, the game has proven to be a phenomenal success critically, commercially as well as technologically. Since the source code was released several years ago, the game has proven to be resilient, having being ported over to quite a number of platforms including the Pocket PC and Palm-based devices. Take a look for yourself at

Now DS gamers can get their game on as Quake is heading to the Nintendo DS. The nice guys at are working to bring this title to the Nintendo DS homebrew scene and even though its only in prerelease, I'm pretty much stoked for the final outcome.

Stay tuned for the review of homebrew Quake DS next week, when I get my micro sd card reader back.