Monday, March 26, 2007

Buying Instant Noodles Online..And Maggi Mee

My readers have interesting shopping habits (trust me..I know..hehe...but I love you people anyways) and I found out that one of them actually bought instant noodles online. Personally, I'm pretty curious on how these Nong Shim Cup Noodles taste like and since they are kimchi flavoured, it makes them all the more interesting (spicy, sour and hot?).

On the subject on the now ubiquitous instant noodle, did you know that a certain Taiwanese Japanese chap by the name of Momofuku Ando was the inventor of the instant noodle (Wikipedia article)? If his name doesn't ring a bell, probably the name of the company that he founded, Nissin, would. Now this company has come up with pretty intesting stuff as well, fancy Cup Noodles in Pork Chowder (it sounds gross) or in Seafood Curry?

I think I'll just stick with Maggi Mee. It's the best ya? My personal favourite: Curry Flavoured Maggi Mee with slices of streaky bacon, mixed vegetables and an egg.